Jared Brees

Main stuff

  • Jared Brees - Google Profile
    Contains some basic information about me, including a link to contact me.
  • Related To Technology (RTT)
    This is my homepage, but it runs on my personal server, using my personal Internet connection. Basically, that means it may not be accessible as often, and probably will be slower than my Google Sites pages. (The page you are reading right now is hosted by Google Sites.)

Other stuff

  • Google+ "Jared Brees (geek)"
    This is the Google+ Profile of my "beta/testing account". Currently, it is my primary "Google Plus" account, and I use it quite frequently.
  • "Life Gripes (and other miscellaneous content)" - Blog
    This is my personal blog, which should be updated much more frequently than my "Related to Technology" blog.
  • Related To Technology - Blog
    This blog is only updated once in a while, usually when I think I have something worthwhile to say.
  • DMACC Student Knowledge
    This website contains some information that DMACC students may find useful. It is primarily a place that I dump my notes from DMACC classes.
  • Stalking Me If (for whatever unknown reason) you want to stalk me, then this page might help you. Warning: stalking me may cause you to become bored, irritated, and/or offended. Proceed at your own risk.
  • YouTube Channel
    My (under-used) YouTube profile page. I have plans to use it more often, but I never seem to follow those plans.