Current Resume (last updated 2016-09-02)

Jared Brees


  • Great with computers and electronics
  • Able to troubleshoot effectively
  • Loves a challenge

Experience with the following equipment/software:

  • OpenVPN with clients on Windows and Android
  • Managed switches from Cisco, HP, D-Link, and Meraki
  • Active Directory, Exchange, Outlook, and Office
  • Digital audio consoles
  • IP/Serial/IR devices from Extron and Aurora Multimedia (WACI)
  • Video equipment from Barco, Ross, BlackMagic Design, and GrassValley
  • Ubuntu, Windows, Mac OS X, CloneZilla, Kali Linux, and Debian operating systems
  • Digital multimeters and network testers
  • Barcodes, barcode scanners, and barcode generators; familiar with encoding theories

Work experience:

  • Des Moines Playhouse (2005)
    • follow spot operator
    • prop effects engineer
  • Des Moines Public Schools (2008-2009)
    • assisted personnel with technical problems
    • reported bugs/security issues
  • Personal (2008-current)
    • built several computers
    • intruder alarm/LCD display, with video recording and LED illumination
    • designed schematic, wrote code for, built, and tested a custom alarm clock
    • miscellaneous network, server, and otherwise technical endeavours
  • Zygo Sound (2013)
    • sysadmin for Microsoft Office 365/hosted Exchange
    • technician for various A/V equipment
    • built voltage regulation circuits using information from datasheets
  • Lutheran Church of Hope (2009-current)
    • Utilized large-format and small-format digital audio consoles for live bands
    • Utilized PA systems in a variety of venues
    • Deployed software and cloned operating systems
    • Coded browser-based projector controls for Extron devices
    • Coded browser-based projector status monitoring for Extron devices
    • Managed code with GitHub
    • Modified programming on WACI devices
    • Maintained Active Directory/Exchange server
    • Operated light board (grandMA light)
    • Operated follow-spot
    • Documented various processes and procedures, including equipment operation
    • Performed troubleshooting and/or repairs on various mains and low-voltage electrical cables and equipment


  • Diploma from DMPS North High School (2008)
  • Associate's degree in Liberal Arts from DMACC (2012)
  • Some A+ hardware, CCNA, and CEH training (Central Campus/DMPS)